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A look back at all the past events and news.


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"Cavalcadians at the Castle"

In 2010 we moved our Blackpool venue to the Norbreck Castle hotel as part of our 25th anniversary celebrations. Below is an image of the leaflet we sent out to Cavalcadians at that time 

Our letter following the first event at the Norbreck -

  We have just returned from our first ever festival at the Norbreck Castle hotel Blackpool and we are very pleased to say that a vast majority of Cavacadians voted our new musical home an outstanding success and as one Cavalcadian said “ a very nice step up much better than Pontins, although we will miss the ants!”

   We could all enjoy everything under one roof without worrying about the biting cold wind and the public areas were a revelation with comfortable sofa’s, a big conservatory with multiple seating and the ballroom corridor/orangery all having sea views and great ambiance. Every one of the many exhibitors all also gave the hotel a big thumbs up, they were nicely spread out with proper carpeted exhibition rooms adding to the more upmarket and comfortable feel of the venue.

   The simply huge main theatre proved a hit as we could set mainly social seating making it much easier to get a good comfortable seat without having to rush, the high stage also allowed all to see the artists where ever seated in the hall and David Thomas once again worked his magic using the twin huge projector screens either side of the stage. Those that wanted to trip the light fantastic also enjoyed the lovely traditional separate Ballroom and we also used the conservatory stage for our own late night shows.

   The festival was crammed full with Cavalcadian’s first time out, so may we say a huge thank you to all of you who joined us proving that the secret musical army is still a force to be reckoned with. Talking to the hotel team they seemed to love the Cavalcadians one of the key managers told us “Your Cavalcadians are a nice friendly bunch who enjoy their hobby and the music, we were expecting more grumpy people first time learning about the hotel, but we were pleasantly surprised, we look forward to seeing all again next year and we enjoyed having your people staying at the hotel.”

  The further good news is that next years event has been confirmed and we have already agreed plans to make the event even better learning from Cavalcadian input at this years event and on your questionnaires to ensure improvements in the areas requested. We will also be welcoming back the Accordion group who fitted so well with us at Pontins, ensuring the huge Norbreck hotel feels like our usual musical village, with every corner used for a musical purpose, and the accordion group will have their own separate concert, seminar and exhibition areas, just like we do. 

Thanks for your support and we hope to see you again next year.

Kind Regards

Grant Neal & the Cavalcadian Team

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