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You have reached the Organ & Keyboard Cavalcade Download Zone!

We have enabled you to DOWNLOAD A SAMPLE COPY of a recent issue of Organ & Keyboard Cavalcade in .pdf format.

In order to view and print this file, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, which is available free from the Adobe Web Site. Alternatively this program can be found on many of the free 'cover CDs' which come with some of the monthly computer magazines.

Once you have Acrobat Reader installed, viewing the .pdf files is simply a matter of clicking on the thumbnail (miniature) image in the table below. This will open up Acrobat Reader in a new window, complete with its own toolbar for zooming, printing, etc. Depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection, it may take a few moments (typically 5 to 10 seconds) to display your selected page. Once you have finished with Acrobat and have closed the window in which it was running, this page will be visible once more.

To download a magazine and save it to the location of your choice on your computer: With the right mouse button, click on its thumbnail image, then left-click on the option 'save target as', and finally, having chosen a suitable destination for your saved file, click OK and the download will begin. 

Download a Sample Magazine HERE

The magazine contains:

  • Top-quality music for your enjoyment

 - full score and chord symbols for all levels

  • Product Reviews

- We test out the latest organs, keyboards, expanders and ancillary equipment

  • CD - DVD & Music reviews

- The latest CD/DVD releases and new music/musical accessories

  • Readers' Review

- Your Letters your opinions, your say

  • Classifieds

- Advertise your instrument for sale - Free to subscribers    

  • Concerts

- A guide to the month's organ & keyboard concerts

  • Top Tutorials

- helping you to get the best from your instrument

  • Hints Tips and Cheats

- the easy way to improve your playing enjoyment

  • Theatre organ & Society scene reports
  • and much more besides

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